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How to store whisky?


"How to store whisky?" This question should be a problem for most whisky lovers, not finished whisky is unable to escape the "angel's share", whisky will face a very serious survival environment after leaving the distillery's "greenhouse". The good news is that compared to wine, whisky storage to save money and a lot of trouble, as long as it is stored properly, more than a decade or even decades, can still taste its proper flavor.

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    The factors that have the greatest influence on whisky are sunlight, temperature, and humidity.


    Sunlight is the biggest enemy of whisky and every effort needs to be made to avoid direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will, first of all, make the whisky packaging and label fade, affecting the aesthetic and collector's value, especially if you have the intention of changing hands or auction; but more importantly, sunlight will change the color of the whisky liquid, and make it lose its proper flavor.

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    Sunlight exposure brings with it an increase in temperature. The high temperature causes the whisky to expand in volume, and once in contact with the cork, the high concentration of alcohol tends to damage the cork, and the taste of the cork can also contaminate the flavor of the liquid. Therefore bottled liquor are not full to the mouth of the bottle, but leave a headspace space. For this reason, unlike red wine, whiskey must be placed upright, thus avoiding contact with the cork. In addition, and the "share of the angel" a reason, high temperature will accelerate the evaporation of liquor, resulting in losses. If the temperature is too low, the whisky will be condensation reaction, that is, the aromatic esters in the whisky in the form of white precipitate precipitation (so most whisky will go through the "condensation filtration chill-filtered" this conventional process, prior to remove this "unsightly "However, once returned to room temperature, the white substance will naturally disappear.  

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    Humidity has a greater effect on the packaging than on the spirit itself. If you leave your whisky in a storage room, attic, basement, garage, which are usually very humid and easy to forget, it is likely that the moisture in the air and the water leaking in the rain will make your label and packaging moldy or even completely unrecognizable. Whether you collect them yourself or plan to sell them, it should not be something you want to face.

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    So the whisky should be stored in a stable environment, dim light, low temperature and dry conditions.

Have you stored your whisky yet?

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