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How to store whiskey after opening?


    After opening a bottle of whisky, air will enter the bottle, contact the body of the whisky. Which can cause oxidation to change the whisky liquid. The more air in the bottle, the stronger the oxidation. If you have only one-third of your whiskey left, it is better to dink finish the whisky within a year, or you can change the rest whisky to a smaller bottle. (Dont forget to paste the original whiskey information on the bottle)

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Let the whiskey lie down or put it upright?

    Whether it is opened or unopened, always let your whisky stand upright! Otherwise, the whisky body will come into contact with the cork, and the high concentration of alcohol will slowly corrode the cork. Whiskey is probably cork-flavored, which is something we must avoid at all costs.

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Does whiskey need to turn off the lights to sleep?

    Most of the official whiskey sold in cylinders or rectangular boxes, in addition to marketing considerations (the beautiful packaging is always more pleasing ), the main purpose is to avoid the whiskey from being damaged by light. If you buy whiskey without any packaging, it is best to store it in a dark cabinet. Whiskey in the dark can avoid the deterioration.

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