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How to make blended whisky


    When the time comes, we need to wake up the whisky that in the oak barrels from the Sleeping Bell. And proceed to the next step of blending. People invented blended whiskey in the mid-19th century. At that time, the quality of whiskey was uneven. In order to solve this headache, Andrew Usher, who worked at the Glenlivet distillery in Scotland, had the idea to mix several whiskeys together to make the taste more coordinated and more balanced. Today, blended whisky has steadily accounted for 90% of the global whisky market.

Goalong blended whisky

Why does the whiskey need to blend?

    The survival of the distillery depends on the whisky blending technology. Even if each barrel is filled at the same time, they all come from the same distillery and are matured in the same cellar. The resulting whiskey is unique with different colors and tastes. It is not easy for the distillery to provide products with exactly the same taste every year. Blending whisky, which can be ensured to keep the consistency and stability of brand products.

Goalong blending whisky

How does the the whiskey to make blending?

    The whiskey bartender will select the whiskey to be blended (from two to a hundred different) from the multiple barrels first, and then get the whiskey in the barrel into the stainless steel tank and mix it at the same time. The blended whiskey will put into the barrel again sometimes, the time need several weeks or months . The purpose is to make the whisky liquor more harmonious with more stronger aroma.

How does the the whiskey to make blending

    Blended whiskey is like composing music. Whiskey from different barrels represents different notes. As long as they are arranged properly, you can get a pleasing repertoire. The complexity of composing music is that these whiskeys can cope with thousands of types, and the taste varies from year to year. Bartenders must be like diligent ants, paying attention to every subtle change of taste at any time, to ensure that the products in the taste and color of each year are the same to keep the brand's consistent characteristics and quality.