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How to Learn more about the Beverage Industry for Free


Knowledge is power, and whether you are a wannabe beverage entrepreneur, someone who wants to join the beverage industry, or just want to expand your knowledge of certain categories or sectors, there is free information available to support your development.

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Sherry Academy


As the name suggests, the free basic and advanced courses are designed to open the door for people from all walks of life to discover the diversity and versatility of sherry. For gourmets, it is a useful tool on the road to excellence and an opportunity to culminate this experience with field visits to our vineyards, wineries and towns.


Port School


Learn all about the port and the Douro at your own pace with this free 16-episode video series hosted by port educator Isabel Monteiro. The course covers history, Douro terroir, production, aging, storage, drinking and pairing.

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Champagne (Champagne Commission MOOC)


The official online course on Champagne has been launched and is offered free of charge by the Champagne Council in the form of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). The Champagne Council is "the trade association representing the interests of independent Champagne producers and Champagne houses".


Basic Wine Knowledge (multiple providers)

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This scrappy, self-taught wine learning playlist features 7 hours of selected videos from premium YouTubers, including Wine Folly, Guildsomm and LCBO.


In this series, you will learn the basics of wine and professional wine tasting, and it will introduce you to several of the world's most popular wines and wine regions.

Masanobu Art Club


Masanobu is a project of its founder, award-winning bartender Valentino Longo. The ultimate goal of the Shōshin Art Club is to provide everyone with the knowledge shared by the mentors that Valentino credits with shaping his career - the mentors he has had the opportunity to work with throughout his career.

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Shōshin means "beginner's mind" in Japanese, and a true beginner's mind is one that is free of preconceptions or any expectations, but rather full of curiosity and open to endless possibilities. The free courses offered through the free membership include basic product knowledge on soju, liquor, cognac, tequila and mezcal, whiskey, rum, gin and vodka. There are additional advanced courses that are available for a fee.




Aimed at hospitality professionals, it offers free courses accredited by the Institute of Hospitality Management on topics such as beverages, business, compliance, culinary, hospitality, management and service. In the beverage section, you can find free courses such as Rum Basics with Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrel.

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There are other free courses covering cocktails in several beverage categories, as well as the basics of champagne, gin, vodka, sake, wine, whiskey and beer. The complete catalog is available under the paid membership option.


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