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How to import whisky from China?


For import Chinese whisky, at least it needs the following 6 steps. However, before the following 6 steps, you'll need 4 elements of preparation:


1.    Starting capital, for products, transport, customs, and brokerage services

2.    Sales channel, for example, a Shopify online shop, an Amazon seller account or a physical shop

3.    Computer with internet connection

4.    An EIN, SSN, or Importer ID number, if you don't have a business or US residency, you can obtain an Importer ID by submitting this form.


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And now, here's everything you need to know about the six steps to whisky from China – The Ultimate Guide.


Step 1: Select Chinese whisky to be imported

Sourcing Chinese goods to sell in your whiskey dealer allows you to access a wider range of products at a significantly lower cost. This can help your business grow and improve your profit margins, but it is important to choose your products wisely. If you’re developing a new concept or aren’t sure what to sell, we recommend that you can import Goalong whisky firstly. By the way, single malt bourbon always is a nice choice.


From a profitability point of view, the products you choose to import should have:

l Stable and sufficient demand

l Profitability of at least 30-50%

l Reliability (creating a low likelihood of a warranty case)

l Low maintenance requirements in transport, warehousing and/or storage (i.e., no need for climate control or special handling needs)

l No laws prohibiting their sale in your country or region

l Import Taxes

l Whisky Restrictions

l Permits and Licensing


Step 2: Find wholesale whisky suppliers in China

Once you realize that Chinese whisky has unlimited possibilities in the international arena, you’ll need to find a trade partner to supply them. Let’s show you the advantages of Goalong whisky:


1. Goalong have 7 trading companies and 5 factories, financially strong, which is a production company.

2. A high level of quality control, a wide range of products, low minimum order quantities (MOQs), best suited to sourcing a wide range of products, and often strong customer service and sales support.

3. Lower prices and more control by the buyer over design, materials and production, best suited to sourcing bespoke products.


This means that it is product-centric, making it a good choice for beginners and importers alike. If you find that Goalong's availability matches what you are looking for, the next step is to reach out. Try sending an initial email or message introducing yourself and asking for any basic information that is not covered in the product list. Of course, whether you are initiating a new business relationship or maintaining an existing one, visiting your suppliers in China is a worthwhile investment of time and money.

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Step 3: Purchase whisky

With your purchase complete, you're ready to place your order with Goalong whisky from China.

The details of each transaction are set out in the purchase order and invoice. These documents should clearly define all the details of the transaction, leaving no room for misunderstanding. This includes the basics (such as item specifications, unit quantities, pricing and packaging), but should also include shipping terms (also known as Incoterms) and payment terms.


In addition to the purchase order, it is important to agree with the supplier on the product specification documents to ensure you get what you pay for. The Goalong Group has been deeply involved in the whiskey distillery for 13 years and has been operating in the foreign trade industry for 9 years. The product specification documents have always followed the international standards in the industry.


Step 4: Arranging the transport of whisky

The best way to handle import shipments is to use a freight forwarder, such as Flexport.


Freight forwarders specialise in arranging and managing shipments on behalf of shippers. They facilitate scheduling, tracking, insurance, etc. and can save you money by combining LCL (sub-container shipments) with other shipments. And now, Japanese liquor is focus on this.


There is a cost to this service, but freight specialists have access to volume discounts through partner shipping companies so they are able to offer very competitive rates.


Air and sea freight methods are booked from the port of origin to an airport or seaport near you. From there, you will need to arrange transport to your final destination. This can be done by your freight forwarder, or you can arrange it yourself through a freight broker. We recommend FreightPros as the best freight broker for small businesses.


When it comes to shipping rates, sea freight is quoted by volume, while air freight is quoted by weight. Using air express is the most expensive method, while booking air freight is about half the cost and choosing sea freight is about 10%.

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Step 5: Customs clearance for your goods

Customs clearance is a key part of importing from China. If you do not provide the correct documentation and follow the correct procedures, you run the risk of your whisky being held and/or inspected, both of which can lead to delays and high costs. In the worst cases scenario, your whisky will be seized by CBP and destroyed or auctioned.


You need an import license to bring Chinese whisky from China into the USA. Meanwhile, in order to obtain permission from CBP (Customs and Border Protection), you must take the necessary measures for entry, inspection, valuation, classification and clearance. Customs procedures, fees and requirements vary depending on the value of your Chinese whisky.


There is another factor that is essential, CE marking and FDA certification exist internationally and different countries require different certifications to prove that they can be sold on the market.


Step 6: Process imported whisky for sale

When your imported goods reach the end of their journey in your warehouse, shop or office, the final step is to process Chinese whisky for sale just as you would any other commodity. If you don't know anything about Chinese whiskey companies at the moment, you can contact our customer service through the official Goalong whisky website, where you will easily be able to get detailed information about Chinese whisky.

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