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How to collect whisky?


    Collection is a contract with time. Whiskey investment has been wildly popular in recent years. It attracts massive investors from various industries, especially for bottled whiskey which is scarce in vintage. It has repeatedly set new records in auction markets. The one with the value of hundreds of thousands, even millions, it also comes from the NEW MAKE day in day aged with its original heart. The investment in the collection of old bottled whiskey is quite profitable. However, it also tests the professionalism, wisdom and vision of investors, as well as opportunities and luck. If you love whiskey and believe that whiskey can grow steadily in Chinese market, welcome to join us in the "WHISKEY BANK" of Goalong Distillery, and become a rich of whiskey with a whole barrel/single barrel of single malt whiskey.

Goalong Barrels

What is the most precious thing in the world? It is time!

Goalong distillery

    The longer aging the wine, the more fragrant it gets, so does the whiskey. As long as it is kept in the whiskey cellar, the whiskey will get better, and over time, these good things will become rare and more valuable. This is also the logic of whiskey investment. With the establishment of Goalong brand in 2011, Goalong team have been committed to the development of Chinese whiskey from the very beginning. From the beginning of experimental whiskey brewing in 2013, to the construction of its own distillery, the team tried more than six distillers with different sizes and shapes over the years. This is rare in the history of whiskey development around the world. We also create new different flavors by controlling different process nodes, using various barrels to mature these new make whiskies with different personalities, participating in study tours and cooperation with world-renowned distillers, and gaining extremely rich experience.

Goalong whisky distillery