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How much do you know about the technical terms of oak barrels?


1.Wood Finish

    Wood Finish is the process of transferring a spirit that has spent most of its ageing time in barrels to another new category of oak barrel during the aging process of whisky.The most common case is to switch from bourbon barrels to sherry barrels, which is a "shortcut" to increase the flavor of dried fruits and spices.

bourbon barrels whiskey

2.Cask Strength

    Cask strength is the "original cask strength", also known as the original cask. It refers to the whisky that is bottled directly from the barrel without diluting with water, and the whisky is often between 55% and 60%. It is considered to be the whisky that best reflects the environment of the original distillation, i.e. the most original.

whiskey Whiskey cellar

3. Single Cask

    Single Cask means that the whisky comes from a single oak barrels and is not blended. Given that each cask has a unique personality and limited capacity, single cask whiskies are often produced in small quantities and are relatively more expensive.

Single Cask whisky

4.Virgin oak

    Virgin oak refers to oak barrels that have never been exposed to spirits before, and stands for new oak barrels, i.e. barrels that have not been aged at all.

Virgin oak

    Do you know any other oak barrel terminology? You can tell me~