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Do you have to drink pure whiskey?


    Most people who have never drunk whisky before will feel that it is too spicy when they taste it for the first time. But the marketing propaganda is that drink pure whiskey, and adding water to whisky is the wrong way to drink.This misconception let many people to never touch whisky again after trying drinking pure whiskey. This is really a great pity for whiskey.

drunk whiskey

    In fact, water is not the enemy of whisky, but the best friend and partner of whisky. A small amount of water can not only fully release the aroma of whisky, but also eliminate the burning sensation of alcohol, allowing the flavor to spread more gently in our mouths. If our goal is to let more people to try whisky, then why make the tasting process so "painful" for most of people? In fact, we can not only add water to the whiskey, but also try add some soda water, dry ginger water. Even green tea and coconut water can be add in the whiskey. Or you can just make a gorgeous cocktail with whisky as the base. Let everyone smile from the heart to taste whisky, which is the best interpretation of the rich flavor of whisky.

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