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Bottling of Whisky


    Bottling is the last process of the production whisky.The whisky liquor that has been completed in several years will soon be bottled and become your new favorite in the liquor cabinet. If you perfuse things in this last step, you may still fall short. If we haven't made well this last step, everything will be fall short. So bottling is a critical process to make whisky.

Bottling whiskey

Adding water to dilute and filter

    What is the purpose of adding water for the whiskey? The alcohol content of whiskey in the barrel aging stage is about 64%, which is too strong for the average person. Adding water to reduce the whisky alcohol to between 40% and 60%. However, adding water will make the fatty acid precipitation appear and make the whiskey become turbid, which can be ruled out by the condensation filtration.

Whiskey filter

Condensation filtration

    Before condensing and filtering, we need to make the whiskey temperature to reduce 0 degrees. And put the whiskey into the two fiberboards to filter out fatty acids and proteins, then the whiskey will have a crystal clear texture. But when we get the clear texture whisky, we will also loss the certain aroma molecules in fatty acids.

Condensation filtration whisky

Non-condensing filtration

    In order to avoid exhaustion of aroma molecules during condensation filtration, some whiskey distillery use fiberboard filtration at normal room temperature. This whiskey contains more fatty acids with much aroma molecules. And the whisky alcohol content is usually higher than 45%.

Non-condensing filtration

Official bottling VS Independent bottling

    Official bottling is bottling in the distillery. So the whisky faithfully follow the spirit and principles of the distillery and reflect the distillery unique characteristics.

    Independent bottling process is that buy different distillers whiskey and bottling and selling it by themselves. Independent bottling also called IB. Generally speaking, distillers will sell some liquor which are "not in line with the brand's usual taste." Independent bottling plants buy these liquor to decide whether to continue maturation, change barrels, or blend with other barrels of whiskey.

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