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Appreciate whiskey


    Even whisky can't cure things, it is already hopeless. For those who are just starting to drink whisky, the way to drink whisky is very important! So, how to drink whiskey best? Let's take a look!

beverages derived from whisky

When does we need to add water during taste whisky?

    After experiencing pure whiskey with nose and mouth, you can add a few drops of water to the glass and taste the whisky with smelling and mouth. Certain odors is difficult to catch or very slight. To add water and repeat the right tast whisky steps several times to find the most complete and rich aroma. Be careful not to add too much water, otherwise there will be no whiskey taste.

add water during taste whisky

    If you are unable to distinguish any aromas, it's better to breathe in or drink ice water and start tasting again.

add water

Taste whiskey

    Take a small sip for this whiskey and let the liquid flow over your tongue. You can try to talk while doing this. The tongue plays an extremely important role at this time since the different parts of the tongue have the different feelings for the whiskey.

Taste whiskey

Post-nasal smell

    When the whisky flows down your throat in mouth, which can produce a "post-nasal sniff", it means the aroma enters your nose from the back of your mouth. When we swallowing the whisky, put the whisky cup in front of our nose, we will notice a slight difference whisky aroma then before. Isn't it amazing? Anyway, don't forget to drink some water to remove the aftertaste before you taste another whiskey.

Smell whiskey

The role of salivary glands

    When you sniff a whisky or take your first sip whisky, you will unconsciously produce saliva. Which is normal and will make your whisky taste better. Because when the alcohol mixes with the saliva, the liquid will convert into sugar, which can make the whisky taste more round and smooth.

sniff a whisky

Should we need to spit out the whiskey when tasting it?

    Different people will do it differently, some one says that you can't taste the full flavor of whiskey until it's in your throat. Others are the exact opposite. So what can you do is that you want to do.  If you choose to swallow the spirit, please don't taste too much at once, lest you collapse before you reach the end of the tasting.

whiskey tasting