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A Valentine's Day for whiskey


Valentine's Day - this holiday full of love always makes people feel happy and joyful.The relationship between lovers is one hundred to over a thousand thorns back, All just like the New Make and oak barrels in general, mutual achievement, complement each other.

In the aging reaction between New Make and oak barrels, there are three processes: Exclusion, Empowerment and Interaction. In the exclusion process, some of the volatile substances disappear after maturation; in the impartation process, the barrel and the New Make contact gradually release aromatic molecules, so that the New Make continues to add color and character; in the interaction process, the storage environment and the impartation interaction, so that the liquid compounds continue to oxidation reaction, so that each barrel has a distinctive personality of whisky. (The above theory is from "Whiskyology")

The New Make distilled from the Goalong distillery is clear and malty with a sweet taste. The high temperature distillation with thermal oil gives it a slightly charred aroma, like a lady with a restrained but distinctive personality. What kind of sparks will she have with different styles of oak barrels?

Heart-pounding, Passionate and Lingering

When you meet a Chardonnay barrel, you can't get away from it after just one glance.The versatile Chardonnay, tart and free, can take root wherever it is. The New Make, with its generosity and tolerance, has a tropical fruit aroma, with sweet cantaloupe and unripe pineapple flavors mixed with some grape sourness. Ageing over time diminishes the tannic feel of the Chardonnay barrels, with rich, layered flavors and a lightly acidic freshness.

Sweet, Gentle and Soothing

The New Make embraces the Sherry barrel, probably because of its tenderness and pampering.The historical Sherry barrel gently soothes the New Make, which is introverted.Starting with the lingering aroma of full-bodied candied fruit, the nose is filled with sweetness and flavors of dried fruit, candied fruit, dried apricots, and a hint of floral notes. The palate is smooth and fluid, with the mellow fragrance of dried fruit dominating the mouth first, leaving the floral and honeyed notes to bring the finish. The sweetness of the malt is paired with full-bodied fruit flavors and a long, lingering finish. With ageing, the tannins become imperceptibly bitter and the wine becomes supple and dense.

Romanticism, Deep and Generous Love

The exclusive Cognac barrels always show the New Makes something beautiful, new and precious.

The brandy barrel exudes an elegant quality with a touch of exoticism attached to it.Under this influence, the color of the wine turns brown, and underneath the floral and malty aromas are elegant aromas of white Xinjiang grapes, with a hint of almond on top. As the wine ages, the tannins fade away and the smooth body drops into the mouth with elegant floral and fruity


Mountains, Rivers, Forests and Water

The oriental cask with its oriental character stands out in the crowd of barrels, as if he did not have to open his mouth, but had a strong attraction there.

The intensity of the new spirit becomes gentle and quiet under his rubbing, and the innate sweetness of the flavor is accompanied by his smoothness and Zen-like blend, just right.The distinctive oriental spicy and fruity aroma of Mizunara Cask Whisky is accompanied by a little sandalwood, dates and caramel pudding. In the mouth you can feel the sweetness of the wood with a slight spice, spices, nuts, peaches and other tropical fruits, rich and smooth.


No matter what kind of oak barrels and New Make, they need time to settle and embrace each other. At Goalong, each style of whiskey is made with the love of the distiller and the power of a dream. The sun rises and the stars rise, the tide rises and falls with it.

Whisky has become an international spirit sought after and loved by a new generation, with a wide range of styles to suit every taste.

But at Goalong, we want each bottle of whiskey to be full of stories when tasted, not only to provide whiskey lovers with food for the mouth but also to create spiritual food. When you raise your glass, your mind can also map out the mountains, lakes, wheat fields and the hearts of the people who make the whiskey, together with the loved ones into a new life.

As Valentine's Day approaches, let's feel your love too!

Send a photo of you and your loved one to the backstage, and we will select two people at random to receive a 50ML sharing bottle.

Thank you for your company.