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8 of the Absolute Best Whiskey Accessories for Corporate and Wedding Gifts


Picking interesting corporate and wedding gifts that people will actually enjoy is usually quite a challenge.


In both cases, it is important that you show your appreciation to the recipient. You don't want to let them down with a gift that doesn't fit the bill at all.


Fortunately, if you have a whiskey connoisseur in your life - personal or professional - you can't go wrong with a gift that will help them enjoy the passion even more.


8 great whisky accessories for corporate and wedding gifts

The only thing that whisky lovers love are accessories that help them enjoy whisky even more.


So if you're looking for a gift for someone who loves whisky, consider these 8 accessories as their gift.

 whiskey accessories 

1. Whisky guide

While the first item on our list may not technically be considered an accessory, no one who claims to be a whisky lover should be without a whisky guide. In fact, most of us own several.


For the recipient who is already a passionate whisky connoisseur, a good guide book can serve as a sort of checklist, reminding them of which legendary labels they still need to try.


Two good choices for this type of recipient are.


American Whiskey, Bourbon and Rye: A Guide to the Nation's Favorite Spirits, by Clay Risen.

Tasting Whiskey. An Insider's Guide to the Unique Delights of the World's Best Spirits by Lew Bryson


These are also great books for those who simply appreciate the tradition surrounding a good glass of whiskey and can't get enough of reading about it.


Now, if you need a gift for someone who is new to the world of whisky - or someone whose mind you are trying to change - get them started on the right path with Richard Bates, Crystal English Sacha and Wendy McNaughton's The Essential Grip and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whisky Almighty: Know Your Spirits Before You Choose. It will serve as a great starting point to help them build their knowledge about whisky without scaring them with too many details.

 whiskey bar accessories 

2. Whisky Sobriety

Most whisky lovers take great pride in our collection. Many of us even display some of our nicer bottles as beloved trophies. Perhaps you even smile with pride when you show them off to your guests.


Still, there is something to be said for the elegance of the glass decanter. It has a certain sophistication to it, and you may not know your bar area is missing it until it is added.


If you choose a choice like the Capitol glass decanter as your gift, you won't have to worry about breaking your budget, even though the person you're giving it to may think it's expensive.


Best of all, the stopper on this glass decanter is completely airtight, so it can hold your recipient's most precious bottle for years without ruining it.


If you have a little money left in your budget, check out the Goldinge Whiskey Sobriety Global Set. This accessory is a true thing of beauty. It has an etched, hand-blown globe that doubles as a whiskey awakener and comes with two glasses with the same pattern. They fit perfectly with the mahogany tray that supports the wake. Its golden cork will also take care of the whisky inside so that it never loses its freshness.

 whiskey bullets

3. Whiskey Glasses

If you really like whiskey, you can't drink it in the same glasses you use for water, milk, soda, or even other spirits.


Whiskey needs its own glass. It also needs to actually be made of glass so that you can appreciate its amber hue.


If you want a traditional look for a gift, try a set of 2 Taylor'd Milestones whiskey glasses. These 10-ounce glasses are perfect for drinking whiskey or holding an old-fashioned shot glass.


For something a little fancier but still very affordable, go for the Benir Diaon Cut Whiskey Glasses (set of 2). They're a bit small at 8 ounces, so they're best for drinking whiskey on their own.


Another stylish option is the Venero Whisky Glasses, which feature a unique shape and come in sets of four.


Dragon Glassware whiskey glasses are also an interesting option. They are designed to be tilted so that they can vent themselves. It may take a while to get used to the fact that they aren't actually tipping over, but that makes them quite the conversation piece.


If you're giving a gift to someone who likes a cigar on the side of their whiskey, they'll love the Corkcicle cigar glass, which actually holds the cigar on the side. The lucky recipient will be able to hold 9 ounces of their favorite whiskey and cigar at the same time with one hand.

 whiskey glasses

4. Whiskey Cask Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an extremely popular wedding gift that definitely complements any formal attire. Every man should have at least a few pairs.


If they like whiskey, we think one of those pairs should be our whiskey barrel cufflinks. They are made on American soil from real Tennessee whiskey barrels, which adds some character to their already incredible wood grain finish.


At this price, we also think they're a budget-friendly option for corporate gifts, if you have a large group.

 whisky bullet

5. Cocktail Blend Sets

Not everyone who likes whiskey likes to drink it neat.


Many of us prefer to enjoy ours in the company of some other ingredients. Legendary cocktails that require whiskey include.


Old fashioned mixers


Whiskey Sour

If you know someone who enjoys whiskey, make sure they don't just use a glass and a spoon to make these drinks.


Instead, give them a cocktail mixing kit so they have everything they need to make their favorite cocktail and look cool doing it.


The Moffatto Premium Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glasses Set includes a 17-ounce cocktail glass, jigger, strainer and mixing spoon. Although it's very affordable, Moffado's mixing glasses are actually handmade, so they look incredible.


6. The Original Whiskey Bullet

Whiskey tastes incredible when it's chilled.


Unfortunately, as any good whiskey connoisseur will tell you, the problem is that the ice can melt to the point of diluting your beloved drink and robbing you of its incredible flavor. Many whisky lovers won't take that risk, even though they love the taste of their favorite spirit when it's cold.


That's why we created the Original Whiskey Bullets. Made of stainless steel, these bullets can be refrigerated and then put into your whiskey to provide the same effect. You can leave them in until you've had the last drop, because they're unlikely to melt (and if they do, your whiskey is in trouble).


If you're planning to give more than one to someone, consider our whisky cartridge, too. It can hold up to six whiskey bullets.


7. Flasks

While they may not be as popular as they once were, flasks have always made incredible gifts among those of us who love whiskey.


As you probably know, there is no shortage of options if you decide to give the gift of a flask. There are very affordable options, as well as those that cost nearly $200 like the Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask (which is made of copper).


Fortunately, you don't have to spend a fortune for a quality flask. the 8-ounce combination flask and decanter made by BarMe is an inexpensive option that has a collapsible flask that you can remove from its center before enjoying the contents.


If your recipient prefers something a little more formal, there's the Mohary Pocket Hip Flask, which also holds 8 ounces but is wrapped in leather and comes with a funnel for easy pouring.


8. Whiskey-Infused Campfire Jerky

Finally, everyone has their own idea of what goes best with whiskey, but it's hard to argue against beef jerky, especially jerky soaked in Bulleit Bourbon whiskey before being slowly smoked over Texas hickory in a vintage smokehouse.


Obviously, this gift should be reserved for those who enjoy a good jerky and who won't be offended by such a casual gift. It actually comes in a burlap sack.


That means that each piece of jerky is hand cut, measured and inspected before being individually sealed to ensure freshness. So it's still a great gift for anyone who likes the taste of smoked meat. You can choose between four-ounce and eight-ounce bags.


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