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2023 Xi'an Whisky-X wraps up with a bang



The word "Whisky" comes from an old Scottish word meaning "Water of Lift". As early as in the 1970s, it took root in the ancient capital of Chang'an. As the ancient capital of Chang'an with 13 dynasties, although Scotch whisky and French cognac brandy are collectively referred to as "foreign liquors", whisky is the standard of life for today's trendsetters. As the only Chinese whisky distillery at Whisky Xi'an 2023, Golang Distillery stood out from the crowd of well-known foreign distilleries and whisky brands and was a big hit.


Every whisky lover wants to have an immersive sensory experience, to let go of everything, to forget about oneself, to be completely immersed! At the show, Goalong Distillery has handpicked 9 single cask single malt whiskies, which are both cask strength for whisky lovers to try for free. Despite more than a hundred famous whisky brands under the banner of Diageo, Buchladdich, Macallan, Balfour, Lake Romain, Glenarich and a host of other headline international spirits groups, Goalong whisky still gained super popularity on the show floor. Especially the 63% ABV NEW MAKE, with strong flavor and full of wheat aroma in the mouth, whisky enthusiasts said that it is a wine worth waiting for.


In addition to the regular bourbon and sherry cask short aged whiskies,Goalong Distillery also brings the most Chinese characteristics of Xinjiang brandy casks, STR red wine casks and chardonnay casks short-aged spirits.In contrast to well-known foreign brands of whisky, Chinese whisky started late and is still dealing with the stage of feeling its way forward. The biggest characteristic is that the flavor will change every once in a while, and it has unlimited development possibilities in the future. At the same time, many famous bar managers and senior whisky tasters spoke highly of our Xinjiang Brandy Cask whisky and STR Red Wine Cask. Goalong Xinjiang Brandy Cask Single Malt Whisky, 62.5%ABV, which is fruity and smooth in the mouth, was very popular with the ladies at the show. Goalong STR Red wine Cask Single Malt Whisky ,66.6%ABV, with a rich aroma, berry, grape and caramel flavors on the palate, attracted whisky fans on the show floor to sip and drink again and again.

Goalong Distillery, loyal to freedom, always move forward bravely. Freedom and personalized experiences are at the heart of the Goalong brand world. Through innovative product design and diverse flavors, we provide consumers with a free and passionate whisky journey. 2023 Whisky Expo - Xi'an trip has come to a perfect end, see you next in Chengdu whisky tour!