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Trial operation of phase I and production in commission for Goalong Distillery



On September 28th, 2020, the new star in international spirits field is rising. Liuyang Goalong liquor Distillery base of Goalong group has been successfully put into operation. With 530 day&nights’ efforts, we’ve overcome through the most difficult year of 2020.


1. Quality first, Continuously Improvement on Quality, Brand Creation with Ingenuity;
The company will continue to attach importance to the improvement and innovation of spirits technology, and combine production, teaching and research with the development of Liquor Specialty in universities. We will continue to promote the introduction of talents and intensify efforts to cultivate senior talents.


2. Speed up the Information Construction and Strengthen the Application of Big Data;
Informationization is particularly important in the Internet era of big data. In 2020, the company has made significant achievements in information construction, and has achieved initial results. In the future, the company will emphasize the collection, processing and utilization of industrial big data, effectively analyze customer behavior by using information-based data, and formulate better product layout strategy and market strategy to better serve the marketing and consumers.


3、Brand and Product Carding and Precise Repositioning;
The company implemented the product strategy of "1 + 3 Series" in the overall liquor marketing plan since 2018: "1" is based on the analysis of the liquor business of customers. Based on the classic products of Bosolac and Goalong single malt whisky, the company extends the beverage series of "Dark Rose Liqueur", "Saiga Antelope Liqueur", "Green Dragonfly Sparkling Wine" and other functional beverage series, striving to make the classic series refined and strengthening Goalong group's position as a classic large unit. "3" refers to the three dimensions of Goalong group's brand core product system extension: high-end Goalong single malt whisky for high-end groups; Dark Rose Liqueur and Green Dragonfly Sparkling Wine for young and fashionable consumers; functional drinks and tea drinks blended with fine brandy. Through product optimization and brand re-carding, we will serve customers and consumers more accurately.


4. The foundation team building and core terminal construction.
Terminal construction is the root of an enterprise and the foundation of its survival and development. The success we have achieved also comes from doing a great job in the basic work of the terminal. Therefore, in the year of we will focus on the theme of "To be Original with Ingenuity". In 2020, we will continue to focus on the construction of the core night bars, multi-channel linkage, and increase the investment in talents. Goalong group will bring many surprises.


Be closer to the consumer.
Taking consumers as the center, Goalong group has been striving to practice its words.
During the construction of Goalong No.4 factory, in order to let more consumers have a sense of participation, ceremony and experience, the chairman of the board built the distillery into a cultural and tourist attraction, and also developed the Goalong Liquor Museum. Through some cross-border cultural regions highly consistent with its own brand adjustment, it established a deep link between consumers and Goalong.
In the context of consumption upgrading, good service is to create unexpected surprise for customers! Chairman Alan Gao put forward a new point of view: "He who is closest to the consumer has the greatest right". From a certain point of view, the greater the value provided to the consumer, the closer he is with the consumer, the more he has the right to speak.

Where is the direction for Goalong?
Faced with the national economic reshuffle brought by the epidemic situation, many enterprises faced both opportunities and challenges.
In 2020, chairman Alan Gao put forward the strategy of "Immersive Experience Goalong". From distillery  to Goalong Museum, from offline entity to online mall, from new marketing empowerment to consumer self-driving force, Goalong always insists on staying with consumers at different times and in different ways, and sums up the immersion style The three characteristics of experience: derivative experience, three-level experience: "deep experience, strong cognition, high communication" marketing system influences C-end through big C-end, influences big C-end through C-end, and integrates C-terminal and big-c-terminal.


Because of our common dreams, Goalong can carry on no matter in the calm sea or in the rough seas.
Cause we firmly believe we will create a miracle. The way to continue our fight now, to accomplish the goals for which we stand is to take our energy, our passion, our strength, and do all we can to make Goalong Renowned worldwide.