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Topping Out Ceremony of Goalong Liquor Brewing Center Complex


Momentum, Internal Advantages combined with Human Factor

After careful planning and designing, under the hard efforts of Goalong Liquor Group, Construction Unit and Supervision Unit for more than 160 days and nights, the Main Structure of Complex Building Project of  Liuyang Goalong Liquor Brewing Base, which is located in the two-type Industrial Park of Gugang Town, Liuyang City, was successfully finished construction on September 23rd, 2019. Mr. Gao Kailang-the Chairman of Goalong Liquor Group, Mr. Zhang Shunliang-the Executive Chairman, Mr. Li Mingwei-the Vice Chairman and President of the Sales Corporation, Mr. Cao Jingbo, Mr. Yang Ke and other group executives and Goalong employees attended the ceremony.
89This morning, the sun was bright and cloudless. Around 08:00a.m., approaching the auspicious hour, the complex building of Liuyang Goalong Liquor Brewing Center Complex is peaceful, with colorful flags and ribbons dancing and hunting in the wind, welcoming all the guests. At 08:08a.m., the traditional perfect timing arrived, the leaders of the board of directors together with the group's top executives holding with golden shovels to inject concrete into the top of the comprehensive building of Liuyang Goalong Liquor Brewing Center Complex. With the sound of celebrating fireworks, the building, embodied the wisdom and sweat of all the employees of Goalong Liquor Group, was successfully sealed.
90Subsequently, Mr. Gao Kailang, the chairman of the board, invited the board of directors and some employees to burn incense and pray for good luck in the next project construction. At the same time, wishing Goalong Liquor Group rise steadily in the future development and go up to a higher level.
91Liuyang Goalong Brewing Co., Ltd. is the first and the largest single malt whiskey brewing base in China. In order to find a perfect place which can fully embrace the natural grace in the process of whiskey brewing, Goalong liquor meets in the mountains and rivers of Liuyang ancient port. The water quality here is superior, and it is very suitable for making high-quality liquors. The lush forests are full of the benefits of nature, which will also enrich the taste and fragrance of Goalong whiskey.
92Starting from 2017, the project is located in Liuyang two-type industrial park. The Construction began in 2018, and the main building structures of the forth buildings in the first phase of the project have been basically completed.

The 1st Building will be a comprehensive office building in the future. There will be our product exhibition hall, tourist reception center, whiskey university, research and development and experience center of whiskey brewing. The whole 1st Building will consist with seven floors, with a total building area of more than 7,800 square meters. The Construction will start in 2021.

The 2nd building is 9,860 square meters, which is a four-storey steel structure. The main function is product filling and bottling for international liquor, fruit wine, soda as well as drinking water.

The 3rd Building will be a whiskey Distillation Workshop equipped with five sets of 5-ton single malt distillers, which will be the top 50 distillation plants in the world when put into operation. It will also be equipped with a set of 25 tons continuous distillers, which will continuously produce high-quality vodka and other liquor products.

The 4th Building will be the craft beer workshop and packaging material warehouse, mainly for fresh hand-made beer brewing. After completion, the daily production capacity will be more than 10 tons, which will also be the largest beer production workshop around Changsha city.

The 5th Building will be an oak barrel storage room. The workshop covers an area of 1,400 square meters with a capacity of about 14,000 barrels to 20,000 barrels. This will be the annual liquor production of our brewing base. In the second phase of the project, we will build 10 more oak barrel storage rooms. The storage capacity of each building will be close to 20,000 barrels, and our total storage capacity will reach to 200,000 barrels in the future.
93Ten years ago, Alan, the group founder, started his third business with 1,000 RMB.
Up to now, he owns three filling plants, five molecular companies, two offshore companies and many domestic offices nationally.
94The past is full of twists and tribulations, however, none of us give up Goalong Dream. We are stick to our dreams and goals, we understand that we all know this has been a tough fight, but Goalong is a family. momentum, internal advantages combined with human factor, and now it's time to restore the ties that bind us together and to come together around the ideals we share, the values we cherish, and the company we love.
Goalong Liquor, Renowned worldwide.