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The staff PK is starting!


At the end of year 2018,the annual staff PK has started.
In Goalang Liquor, all the staff were dispatched
At the end of the year, We will try our best to make a perfect ending for this year.
131Nanshaolin Huashanpai Emeipai Kunlunshan Henshanpai Xiaoyaopai Linjiugong Gaibang.


The Swearing is beginning to replay the development of Goalong Liquor,Seeing the growth of the Goalong Liquor again.


The swearing start,general manager of Gao Kailang speaking.
And the man who wear handscarf to prepare competition.


Martial masters show their team name and slogan sperately.Confirmed goal and signature their name.Use our biggest enthusiation and confidence to greeting staff PK.


Personal PK and impart flag also showed that Goalong people are facing difficulties.     Must be determined climb the peak of Huashan.X


Everybody,the staff PK is starting!
No matter how high the mountain is, but the clouds can't stop the glory of the moon.
No matter who wins in the end, we will all stand at the top of Huashan.