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Strengthen skills in job training-Goalong Distillery steadily carried out employee technical competitions



Goalong Distillery organized a skill competition among production employees recently. Team has shown excellent professionalism and dedicated Goalong spirit. Goalong always encourages employees to develop together with the company.  


Goalong Distillery’s 2021 employee technical competition started at the end of May, and it is divided into four projects: manual labeling, Bottling, Sealing, forklift and container loading, which are conducted by practical competition. After three days of fierce competition, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were selected for each section.


On 31st of May, the 2021 technical competition of Goalong Distillery had come to an end. An on-site awards meeting was held in the distillery to commend the winning employees of Goalong Group and the company's technical competition.


"We do appreciate that our company provided us such an opportunity to communicate, learn from each other, and compete on the same stage. It gave us great encouragement and made our work full of passion and energy." At the award ceremony, the winners were excited.


Mr. Alan reminded us the importance of technological innovation for the high-quality leap-    forward development of enterprises. It is recommended that organizations at all levels take concrete measures and attach importance to technical talents; enterprise employees must have a deep understanding of labor The most glorious truth is love and dedication, study hard, strive for perfection, and actively contribute talents to enterprise development.图片8
Technical talents are the first driving force for enterprise development. In recent years, Goalong Group has upgraded to the 3rd delivery standards and has focused on the training of professional and technical talents, motivated all employees to be diligent in research, practice bravely, and boldly innovate, and guided all employees to train on the job, become talented, and dedicated to the job, and realized the initiative of enterprise and employees to innovate and create excellence.