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Sino-Thai Joint Venture Winery Project Ready to Launch


On October the 13th, 2019, Mr. Alan, the Chairman of Goalong Liquor Group, was invited by Sawatdee Group(Thailand) Co., Ltd. to visit their headquarters in Thailand.
84Sawatdee Group(Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Zhao Ming, the representative of outstanding Chinese businessmen. The group's main business is tourism, which includes hotels, restaurants, amusement facilities and travel companies in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai. the group also owns silk factories, cosmetics factories and professional shooting bases.
85Under the close arrangement by Sawatdee Group’s president Mr. Wu, Mr. Alan, the Chairman of Goalong Liquor Group and Mr. Song, the General Manager of Beijing Celsius Wine Liquor Co., Ltd., together visited the largest silk museum in Southeast Asia, the most professional shooting bases, cosmetics factory, tourism, real estate and other projects of Sawatdee Group.
86During the 4 days’ visit, Mr. Alan and Mr. Song both visited the local liquor markets in Thailand together and fully understood the local beverages markets in Thailand, and three parties reached a consensus in-depth cooperation.
87The leaders participated the orientation of the products, production base design and channel negotiation thoroughly, Goalong Liquor Group, Sawatdee Group and Beijing Celsius Liquor Co., Ltd. discussed the business model of the Thai Spirits market together happily. After discussion, the three parties decided to jointly build a Sino-Thai joint venture winery project, in order to let Thai Spirits renowned worldwide!