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Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and other leaders visited Goalong Liquor Group


On December 8th, 2020, Secretary of Liuyang municipal Party Committee Li Chunqiu, Mayor Wu Xinwei, chairman of the National People's Congress Wu Zhen, chairman of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference Li Jiaxi, and leading and Deputy cadres of Liuyang municipal government visited Liuyang Goalong Liquor Distillery base. In the annual Liuyang project observation and demonstration activities, the Chairman Alan from Goalong Liquor Group warmly welcomed the visiting leaders and led a tour of the distillery, accompanied by Liu feiwu and director Lu Lisheng, Secretary of the two oriented industrial park.
38Secretary Li Chunqiu paid close attention to Mr. Alan’s speech, and understood the business situation of the enterprise, and had deep discussion over the impact of the epidemic on the export and domestic sales of Goalong Liquor. Mr. Alan, chairman of the board, answered them one by one. After the completion of Liuyang distillery base, Goalong Liquor Group has reached the international quality delivery level. What’s more, a very grand Departure Ceremony of Goalong brand was held last month, 12 containers were distributed to markets of the United States and Nigeria. Now Goalong Liquor Group is fully capable of overcoming the economic downward pressure brought by the epidemic situation on its own. At the same time, Alan also introduced and prospected the future development strategy and planning of Goalong Liquor Group to Secretary Li Chunqiu and Li’s party.
39Combined with the investigation, the leaders highly praised Gao Lang and put forward two opinions: one is to strengthen and enlarge the pattern. To do a good job of "liquor" and manage the enterprise's own affairs well is the greatest economic and social contribution to Liuyang city. The company takes the grand goal of "10 Billion" as a strategic task and makes unremitting efforts for it; second, as a liquor industry, it should fully integrate into Liuyang, realizing the integration of industry, environment, and people and things in Liuyang.
Chairman Alan had an in-depth exchange with visiting leaders on "six five year" planning, reforming, marketing and financial management.
40Chairman Alan said that Alan has always adhered to the construction of "China's liquor core area" as the front page headlines and the most important task, and has carried out a lot of basic work in recent years. In the next step, Goalong Liquor Group will still adhere to the development orientation of "China's liquor core area", further innovate work measures and optimize the industrial structure. With the cultivation of "China's liquor core area" as the core, the reproduction of "China's liquor core area" as the goal, the direction of lengthening the industrial chain, and based on the maintenance of ecological environment, enrich the connotation and quality of "China's liquor core area", and continue Promote the healthy and sustainable development of liquor industry.
41Chairman Alan pointed out that the construction of "China's liquor core area" is a comprehensive, systematic and long-term project. It is the common responsibility of Goalong Liquor Group, Liuyang municipal government and Liuyang two-type industrial park that how to build the "core area of Chinese spirits". The construction process of "core area of Chinese spirits" is the process of transforming the value of one single bottle of liquor into the multiple. Next, Goalong Liquor Group will give full play to its professional advantages, join hands with Liuyang municipal government and Liuyang two oriented Industrial Park to build the "core area of Chinese spirits". To join the culture and heritage. It should effectively integrate culture, tourism and cultural innovation to present a different "core area of Chinese spirits". It will spare no effort to play a good role and create a world-class distillery in the future.