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“Responsible drinking, you’ll love Ambiguous” Cocktails party


Ambiguous vodka-2016 new-arrival is the new item launched by Hunan Goalong Liquor Co., Ltd. On 19th, Aug, 2016.
Based on 10-year experience of liquors distillation, this new Ambiguous is innovative in its crisp and pure taste, smooth and exquisite liquor body, and delicate aromas and fruity fragrance. It promises to give urban fashion 8090’s totally new pure tasting experience.
159You’ll get a slight sweet taste if you mix Ambiguous with soft drinks, and a stronger taste with other liquors. Thanks to its utmost purity, it can be mixed with any other drinks in any strength.
160One noteworthy feature is that it has crisp while intense taste with light fruity aromas. More importantly, its smooth and exquisite liquor body, which can’t be experienced by nose, can only be obtained after you drink it. Imagine the silky feeling, and that’s how it lingers in your mouth and gives you unique experience.