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Outing activity in new Distillery



On the date of 1st August, company organized an amazing outing activity to surprise us all.

When was the last time you took part in a team outing for your company? My answer is last year. Because of Corona Virus, we canceled a lot of outing activities this year for all good. It’s inevitable that we cannot ignore the importance of great team building activities and outings.

How can the wonderful Team building be without meaningful event? The purpose of this weekend's trip to Liuyang is to let all Goalong people understand Goalong's blueprint for the future and enhance each other’s good relationship.
We all arrived at the new distillery after one hour’s driving, where equipped with standardized hotel, that’s where we will stay tonight. Due to the distillery is located in Da Wei Mountain area, the weather was fantastic and the air was fresh.  

Through all Goalong People’s hard working, we cleaned all the rooms and got the preparation for tonight’s BBQ carnival. All the kids were playing happily by the fish pool.
9We had brief tour around the new distillery accompanied by Manager Yang Changfu and He Liang. All of us had a clear idea about the new distillery and our company vision after the tour and were proud of company’s current fast development.

Exciting moment was coming! Dinner was ready. BBQ carnival! Everybody was happy with the foods and drinks.

10During the dinner time, every team showed their elegant demeanor by raising drinks and team mottos.

We all were having a great time, all of a sudden, the lights were all turned off “artificially”, a secret proposal ceremony is about to begin.

Mr. Ye proposed to Ms. Gao successfully! That was the first time we planned the proposal together at such a short time for our workmate, it was quite interesting and exciting.Best wishes for the two perfect match.


Night was still young. After the amazing proposal ceremony, we went to have Karaoke at midnight to have fun.  

The next day we went tracing the streams and gathered for drifting in the streams in the afternoon.

Time flew, the joyful time was always short. Everytime after outings, everyone's hearts are much more closer. Thanks for the company providing this opportunity, looking forward to the next time.