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Original mission and responsibilities bear in our minds


July 1 this year marks the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China(CPC). From a little over 50 party members at the beginning of its establishment to the world's largest political party. We as Communist Party Member will always remember our original mission and responsibilities.

As an ordinary Party member, working with ordinary people in the same environment, studying and living at ordinary times, how to carry forward the exemplary leading role of Party members, maintain the advanced nature of the party, and set up a good image for the party in the masses is a new topic placed before the party members in the new era.As a member of the social family, Party members, like the people, have to face and deal with all kinds of difficulties and contradictions. However, different people have different ideological levels, different working attitudes, different learning purposes, different life styles, and different understanding and handling problems. The people often evaluate each party member from the above differences, In order to be recognized and respected by the people and to play a leading role in ordinary posts, we must be strict with ourselves in our words, deeds, work, study and life. We must be devoted to our work, be a useful person in society and do something beneficial to society.

The corporate culture of Goalong Liquor fully conforms to the mission, vision and values of our party. In the future, we will always adhere to the correct leadership of the party, never forget the original mission, and forge ahead.