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Monafrcc Handmade Gin won the “Superior Taste Award”in Brussels



In June 2019, Monafrcc Handmade Gin independently developed by Hunan Goalong Liquor Co., Ltd. won the “Superior Taste Award”

The Superior Taste Award is an annual award for the quality of branded foods and beverages created by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels, Belgium. The evaluation of the product is based on the tasting by a jury composed of professional chefs, sommeliers and beverage experts. Therefore, the quality of the flavor meets or exceeds the expectations of the judges (by the scores of the judges on the sensory analysis indicators) , will be awarded the corresponding level of the medal.
119Monafrcc Handmade Gin uses the traditional processing skill combined with the mysterious Chinese herbs contributes this special Handmade Gin huge oriental charms and charismatic features.

The Monafrcc Handmade Gin is the condensation of time, the spirit of Oriental people, the tension and purity which refuse to concede defeat in life. This brand new product will surely become increasingly popular after entering in high-end venues and bars in China.