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Learning, Sharing and Progressing Together


In order to better improve the overall level of knowledge of whiskey, shape the brand image of Goalong whiskey, meet the strategic needs of the enterprise, enhance the staff's recognition of the company's products and culture, and create an atmosphere of learning, the company set up its own internal trainer team. We hope that through the idea of training our own people by our own people, the knowledge and skills can be transferred in a targeted way. The internal trainer management training organized by the company was carried out again in the headquarters of Goalong Group of Companies on Sep 19th, 2023. This training is the 2nd stage of whiskey training organized by the company, which started on August 23rd, 2023, with 2 times of class time per week (including professional knowledge and whole staff tasting) totaling 16 hours, and is expected to end in the middle of October. This is the first time since its establishment that the Company has established its own team of trainers.


The in-house trainer team was composed of senior lecturers from Goalong Group and professional whiskey making team instructors. The main content of the training included an overview of spirits knowledge, the history of whiskey development, whiskey raw materials, whiskey manufacturing process and principles and other aspects of whiskey knowledge in detail. We strive to make every employee know whiskey and be able to taste whiskey. Meanwhile, in this round of training, the best students will be selected to be further trained to become Goalong brand instructors, who will be able to promote the brand on behalf of Goalong Whiskey in the future.


Internal trainer training, as a kind of company training program, is the most valuable investment of an enterprise, and it is also a win-win investment. In every training of Goalong Group, the instructors teach and the trainees respond positively, and the classroom has a strong learning atmosphere. This stage of training not only improves the product culture output of the company, but also improves the team cohesion of Goalong Group. Goalong whiskey, the Chinese single malt whiskey. Goalong, go along for dream.