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International Wine and Spirits Competition


From the selection of raw materials , distillation , barrels aging , climate , and mass production , all will make our whiskies distinctive . Goalong would like to share the taste of Chinese whiskey and the territory from Changsha to the world .


Judging: Monday 6 - Friday 17 March

Medal results: Monday 27 March

Trophy results: Monday 17 April

2023 Producer Trophies shortlist announcements: Monday 24 - Friday 28 April

2023 Awards Dinner at The Roundhouse: Thursday 19 October

Do you know why Goalong will choose IWSC for Competition ?

IWSC is pinnacle , an opportunity to put the spirits in front of some of the world’s most eminent spirit professionals, including the Spirits Judging Committee, master distillers, major buyers from across the industry and key media .

It is the most respected global wine and spirits community, renowned for their expertise, influence and personal approach.

Entries - Goalong Single Malt Whiskey 48%Vol. 2023 edition

A single malt blend carefully by three senior blenders from a selection of Tennessee Barrels , Ex-Bourbon Barrels , Wine Barrels , Sherry Barrels , and Brandy Barrels.

The different styles and ages of the original malts make this single malt more aromatic and layered.

The body has a pleasant, bright straw gold color, and the style is still based on sweet fruit flavors and vanilla, with a cookie and dried fruit texture, and a round and silky taste.


Remark : The products already launched in USA , UK , FR , ES, BE , IT , .....


With 1680mm annual rainfall and access to natural quality spring water from Liuyang River, the air and water source are incomparably natural and pure. The annual average daily temperature in Liuyang River Valley is 15-23 ℃, and the cloudy and rainy days exceed 280 days. The air humidity and water and soil conservation are excellent.


The temperature also determines the fermentation process. It will be producing nectar notes with low temperatures

and fruit and nutty flavors with high temperatures. The producing area with hot temperature can accelerate the maturation of whiskey in the barrels, resulting in the finish whiskey is full of intense fruity aroma and a full flavored.


Under this low latitude winter snow mountain , we found the most suitable paradise for whiskey which can represent the territory of Changsha .


Go along for dreams !