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Hi! Goalong Whisky


First whisky lovers welcome to Goalong Distillery

This study tour explores the whole process of single malt fermentation, secondary distillation, oak barrel aging, and nectar brewing. Following in the instructor's footsteps, you will learn about the whole process from start to finish.

Using a glass of whisky,Goalong ignited the ten-year journey of dreams. The journey was full of admiration, laughter, and suggestions. Follow us as we review our trip to Goalong!


China's first female whisky distiller - Ms Guo

As part of the reception, Ms Guo introduced the basics of various international spirits, whiskey origins, and more.

As part of the tasting, the youngsters were also able to experience the differences between spirits based on their five senses first-hand.


The founder of the business, Mr Gao, is here to unwind the sandbox of emotions, step by step, with his vision and expectations for Chinese whisky.


The bottling plant has a supervisory system from the Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau that allows it to see every corner of the workshop at all times.


In the saccharification workshop, the youngsters are immersed in the sweetness of the malt. The maturation of a - glass of whisky is a brave germination and dedication of the malt.


In one of the pot stills, drops of new spirit emitted a strong aroma. Ryan's arm rises slightly, as if he were conducting the orderly creation of a new chapter in whisky.


Our whiskey lovers visited the whiskey laboratory to get a closer look at the whiskey production process.

The distillers also presented bottles of freshly baked NEW MAKE.

In the yeast laboratory, the children witnessed the "joy of yeast", a tiny yeast digesting the malt sugar greedily, it was amazing!

In the cellar, the rows and rows of barrels are overwhelming.

The different flavours of the barrels matured and the clear-coloured wine was transformed day by day into amber-coloured jelly.

The young man marvelled at the wonders of the barrels and learnt about the 'art of the barrel'.


During the tasting session, which is a favorite of our friends, we raised our glasses and tasted the whiskey.


Would you like to take a summer trip too?

Would you like to see a whisky distillery in action?

Are you also interested in the making of whisky and its origins?