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Goalong Whisky shines at China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo



The 3rd China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo was officially launched on June 29, 2023 with the theme of "Seeking Development and Sharing Future". The "Gaolang" Chinese single malt whisky exhibited by Gaolang Group won the praise of the industry.


At the expo, Goalong Group mainly promoted its own brand and displayed Goalong single malt whisky aged in different kinds of oak barrels, such as sherry barrels, brandy barrels and Tennessee bourbon barrels, etc. These different styles of Goalong whisky brought novel taste and praise to the domestic and foreign exhibitors who came to taste them. The new product "Qiu Xu", which is made from Liu Yang's local raw materials and aged in single grain casks, was also well received by the exhibitors and friends from domestic and abroad.


Next to the Goalong Group's booth, four ancient and heavy oak barrels and the looping promotional film kept attracting the eyes of the passing businessmen, who came to visit and consult the domestic and foreign friends and businessmen incessantly. Some of them talked about the market of Chinese whisky, some inquired about the process of making whisky, and some discussed cooperation and tasted the whisky. In addition to many domestic counterparts expressing strong interest in Gaolang whisky, some African businessmen from Nigeria, Kenya and other countries also expressed their intention to cooperate.


Goalong Group has participated in similar trade shows many times before and knows the importance of trade shows for brand building and sales. For this reason, Goalong Group has done its homework from the first day of the exhibition announcement. From the proofreading and printing of the written promotional materials, the production of the promotional film and the production of physical samples were all completed in an orderly manner under the unified coordination and arrangement of all departments of Goalong Group. At the same time, the company also sent the brand ambassador and the chief bartender of Goalong Group to explain the whisky making and tasting knowledge to the customers on site. The backbone of export business also participated in the whole staff, practiced in advance, explained on the spot and took the initiative to approach the customers, which created a good environment for further promotion of the enterprise products and expansion of business cooperation.