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Goalong Whiskey and Brandy Casks



Grapes in China have been cultivated for more than 5,000 years, and is one of the origin of grapes. Xinjiang for the "world's three heavenly grape producing areas", where each grape all day to bathe in 15H sunshine, to accept the nourishment of the Tianshan snow water, in the great difference in temperature between day and night, Xinjiang grapes sweetness up to 20%-24%, with a thin skin, tender meat, juicy, flavorful to describe the Xinjiang grapes is the most appropriate.


As the quality of grapes is greatly reduced during transportation and storage, the site for brandy making is chosen near the origin of the raw material. The team of Goalong whisky distillers traveled to Xinjiang, China, and carefully selected three types of high quality white grapes, which were harvested and fermented and distilled locally, then barrel-aged in European oak. They brought the oak to Hunan to form Goalong's unique Xinjiang brandy casks.


The brandy barrels have removed the heat and spiciness of , and the NEW MAKE drinks alcohol is gradually smoothed out by time and the breath of the barrels, showing an icy curry-brown color. The Goalong whiskey is the best alcohol with fruity on the palate, followed by floral notes and malt boxes, with almond nut flavors from the European oak on the finish. Which is the natural spirits whisky from China.