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Goalong single malt whisky wowed Qingdao



On July 8, 2023, the Tsingtao International Whisky Festival opened at the International Convention Center at the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center! The event showcases the latest achievements of China's whisky making industry. At this highly anticipated event, Goalong single malt whisky was admired for its outstanding quality and unique flavor.


The event brought together many whisky makers, enthusiasts and industry experts from domestic and overseas. Goalong Distillery actively participated in sharing innovative technologies, experiences and insights, and discussing the development of the Chinese whisky industry together. Through continuous improvement of production standards and innovative technology, we have successfully created a unique Chinese Goalong single malt whisky with distinctive characteristics and unique taste that Goalong whisky has been exported to the international market . Goalong Group believe Goalong Whisky will surely become a business card of the world whisky in China in the future.


For this whisky festival, Goalong Group carefully prepared Crown single malt whiskey aged in different kinds of oak casks, such as sherry casks, brandy casks and Tennessee bourbon casks from all over the world. These different styles of Goalong whiskey brought novel taste to the domestic and foreign whiskey makers and industry enthusiasts, and brought a unique whiskey tasting feast to many drinkers.


Whisky is not only a drink, but also a culture and lifestyle. Goalong whisky from Hunan Liuyang will be committed to the innovation of Chinese whisky and the integration of world whisky technology and culture, so that the domestic whisky to the world, glow the light of The Times.