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Goalong Single Malt Whiskey wins the Bronze Medal at the 2023 International Wine & Spirit Awards (IWSC) !


Goalong Single Malt Whiskey wins the Bronze Medal at the 2023 International Wine & Spirit Awards (IWSC) !


2023 International Wine & Spirits Competition - IWSC Awards Announced !

The Goalong Single Malt Whiskey from Goalong Distillery was evaluated by more than 80 of the world’s top Spirits expert jury's evaluation .

Distinguished from the liquors from over 90 countries, we got the Bronze medal Award !

This is a great affirmation and encouragement for us .


(image from IWSC)

The International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) is one of the most prestigious events in the Spirits industry

As one of the three major Spirits competitions in the world, it is known as the "Oscars of Spirits". It started in 1969 and is held every year in London. The judges are composed of experts, scholars and representatives of Spirits associations of various countries and regions, including distillers, Spirits critics and other influential people in various fields. Every year, entries are received from over 90 countries and regions around the world. It is not easy to win a medal from the IWSC, as the competition ensures that all judges are impartial, rigorous and adhere to the IWSC's consistent standards. The awards are a symbol of quality and strength.

IWSC Competition Process - Very Rigorous


(image from IWSC)

Blind Judging Test

Each label is carefully checked to ensure correct classification, each sample is placed in a numbered anonymous glass bottle, judges from more than 30 countries are divided into different groups, judges blindly judge only 65 products per day to avoid taste and smell fatigue, full details of all spirits distribution channels entering the IWSC and their end markets are collected by the competition


(image from IWSC)

Chemical and microbiological technical analysis

This part was carried out by a third party to ensure that the quality and aroma of the spirits were not affected by the packaging and that the results were fair and unbiased.

Both steps are done in a thermostatic liquor cellar - in a fully equipped independent laboratory and tasting room



Subtly saline peat aromas with light vanilla fudge smooth texture and balanced , well-integrated oak spice.


(image from IWSC)

The IWSC authoritative judge said that it was very happy to see the whiskey coming to other parts of the world, mentioned China, said that although young, but worth watching and looking forward to his transformation. For a whiskey less than five years old to win this award is a testament to the efforts made by the Goalong team .


This is the starting point , also the launching point

Whiskey is becoming more and more diversified and innovative, and Chinese whiskey has been internationally noticed. The Goalong Group also adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship of choosing one thing and spending a lifetime to make whiskey with a rigorous and serious attitude to the best.

We are honored with the IWSC award, and we hope that the Chinese whiskey region will be lit up on the world map with the vision of innovation and national brand. We also hope that every friend who tastes the whiskey will be able to taste the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, the wheat fields and the heart of the distiller in every drop of the spirit.