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Goalong Liquors enjoy great popularity in Russia


Hunan Goalong Liquor Co., Ltd. got huge attention after his first appearance at the World Food Moscow 2016. The Goalong spirits leave their lingering fragrance in the Russia land, including the barley-malt-corn whiskey, 60% Cognac Extra and 30% Cognac Special Grade XO brandy, 4-time distilled/6-time filtered barley-corn vodka, and all the more importantly, our secret masterpiece—the single malt whiskey!
152Visitors like the flavors, pure and complex tastes and reliable packing provided by Goalong. Many clients linger to taste our spirits, and even some are attracted by our fame. We have discussed with spirits buyers from St.Petersburg and Moscow on importing orders, and will visit their companies 2 days later to negotiate more details like packing, shipping, etc.
153Scent of Goalong Liquor. We are now stepping into Eastern Europe market after we export liquors to importers from America, Africa, Oceania and Europe.

Go for it, Gaolong!!!