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Goalong Liquor Attend the Liuyang New Year Investment Invitation Symposium


At the 2023 Spring Festival Forum on Welcoming Fellow Villagers to Their Hometown and Entering Their Hometown and the Signing Ceremony of the First Quarter Project, held in Liuyang City, more than 150 rural businessmen and villagers gathered together to discuss their hometown feelings and seek common development.


Twenty-eight key projects were signed on the spot, with a total amount of 32.3 billion yuan, and nine of them were investment projects of Hunan businessmen returning home. Goalong Distillery settled in Liuyang Oriental Industrial Park in 2017. The first phase of the project has been fully put into production. This year, the company will work with Liu Yang again to start the second phase of the project construction.

“With nanny service for the whole village, the whole business environment here is very good and healthy; the development of our enterprise is also very fast and good.” Alan Gao, the Founder of Goalong Distillery said.


Liuyang has been striving to build the brand of "welcoming fellow villagers, returning home, and building home". It has held the New Year Investment Invitation Symposium for 10 consecutive years, and has established 9 non-local chambers of commerce in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, and the Yangtze River Delta. In order to further promote the work of "Hunan businessmen returning and starting businesses back home" in Liuyang City to achieve new breakthroughs, during the Spring Festival this year, the chairmen of Liuyang Chamber of Commerce in different places were invited to hold a symposium. Villagers' New Year symposiums were held in various villages and towns (streets). The upsurge of "welcoming fellow villagers, returning to their hometown, and building their hometown" was rising, and more and more Hunan businessmen returned to their hometown, creating a prosperous cause.


The signing ceremony was very successful. Thank the Liuyang Municipal Party Committee and the Liuyang Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Park for the smooth development and vigorous growth of Goalong Distillery. We will continue to work hard to go along for dreams!