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Goalong Group New Developments



The 2021 1st limited edition single barrel program startedonly released 100 barrelsAnd those barrels were sold out immediately.

The giants of the global whisky industry have set up whisky distilleries in the Chinese market. It also represents the scale of China's whisky industry, which is a very important moment in the history of China's whisky development.

In order to allow more people to participate, the Goalong Spirits Group has prepared three different flavours of whisky single cask futures, namely bourbon cask, Bordeaux cask and brandy cask. It also provides 8 major services to customers for the Goalong Whisky Single Cask Futures subscription service.

To all those supporters of  Goalong who poured your hearts into our career. We do hope to give it back to our supporters with high quality product and services.