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Exploring the water source of the Goalong whisky distillery



The water source of Goalong Whisky Distillery is the source of Liuyang River, located in the Luoxiao Mountains. Dawei Mountain, which is 1,608 meters and has 13 lakes of different sizes above 1,300 meters. The lakes were formed by the ice cellars of the Quaternary glaciers. The whole source of Liuyang River presents high mountain wetlands with humid climate and pleasant environment.


Year after year, Dawei Mountain collects the rain and dew water of the mountain range. It washes the pebbles of the stream bed, thus bringing the Liuyang River water which is rich in trace elements such as selenium, calcium, magnesium and Na. When making Goalong whisky liquor, the cheerful yeast grows and multiplies in this pure and natural water, allowing the whisky to retain more full-bodied wort aroma.


In 1998, the Changsha Science Association organized a scientific study of the Shizhufeng area, one of the sources of the Liuyang River. They found that the riverbed wheat rice stone is very rich in resources. This substance can adsorb harmful substances in the water, and the water becomes more called transparent and pure, sweet and delicious. All these have given Gaolang whisky a sweet and clear taste.


A drop of water, spread out is the best gift that everything grows, and gathered is the best gift that Goalong gives to whisky. The transformation from water to whisky is a change from one kind of beauty to another. When the ageing period is over, we look forward to a beautiful encounter between Goalong whisky and your taste buds.