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Chinese whiskey formal entry into European market!


    Heavy news! Chinese whiskey formal entry into European market!

Goalong whisky liquor 700ml     Goalong single malt whisky officially began to distilled and introduced to the market in 2010 by Goalong Group. During this period, Goalong people insisted on being market-oriented, constantly revising and adjusting the direction. We believe in this Chinese single malt whisky must to be a hot sales whisky in domestic are sold globally with it's unique flavor and top quality.

Goalong Group whisky distillery
After 10 years of severe market tests, Chinese whiskey finally ushered in the spring. In 2021, Chinese whisky for Goalong single malt whiskey formal entry into European market. 

Chinese whisky spirits liquor factory

The ideal really is the realism without margins. Goalong, Go Along for dream. Goalong Liquor, renowned the world.