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Birth of the Goalong Liquor Distillery


The Goalong Liquor brand started in 2011, The Chinese name of the brand is 高朗, which comes from the founder of the company - Mr. Alan’s Chinese name, and the meaning of "Goalong" is to go forward and forge ahead, which is the entrepreneurial spirit of Goalong Liquor, it is also the harmonization of 高朗 in Chinese.

Hunan Goalong Liquor Co.,Ltd. was established in 2012 and opened in 2013. 2014-2015, with the desire for Chinese whisky, Mr. Alan started to prepare the first whisky distillery in the group, install whisky distillation equipment and conduct batch experimental production. 2016-2017, after the experimental breakthrough, we chose Liuyang, Hunan Province, to build the Liuyang Goalong Liquor Distillery. From 2017-2019, Mr. Alan traveled to several countries, started a long and fulfilling global whisky journey.

From 2017-2021, which took four years for the Goalong Liquor distillery to be put into operation.


Liuyang, China · Goalong Liquor Distillery

Our distillery stands on the banks of the Liuyang River in China. After traveling around the world, Mr. Alan found the perfect place to make whisky that represents the Chinese terroir in Liuyang, Changsha, Hunan Province - under the Da Wei Mountain.

The distillery uses heat-conducting oil for distillation which can control the heating temperature to 140 degrees or more, thus producing a more intense Merad reaction, giving the new spirit a pleasant toasty aroma with a sweet, elegant taste, the malt aroma is rich with rose and green apple fruit notes.

Goalong shares the whisky with very special terroir to the world, allowing you to deeply perceive the taste of China.


Liuyang, China · Da Wei Mountain

Goalong Whisky Distillery is located in the middle of the Liuyang River Canyon Basin, surrounded by mountains. The south of the distillery is about 2.5 kilometers from the Liuyang River, north and south are the Luoxiao Mountains and Lianyun Minor Mountains, the main peak is Dawei Mountain, the highest peak is 1608 meters, the forest greenery rate is 99%, the four seasons rain and mist through the shale formed over billions of years, clear and sweet in the flow of natural flavor. In this 28 ° north latitude under the winter snowy mountain, we found the most suitable terroir for whisky - the source of Liuyang River, which has 1680mm of rainfall all year round, abundant high-quality water resources around, making it an excellent area for making whisky.