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Benefits of Vodka


Many people like to drink vodka. If you know your beloved vodka actually has many benefits for body, then you will find it even more amiable. In fact, if consumed in moderation, it is good to the body.
Vodka is a colorless, odorless distilled spirits, it can be used as a base to mix a variety of cocktails. Drink vodka 35-40 ml every day, it will not only harm the body, but will bring a variety of health benefits. Here is the benefits included.
1691,Losing Weight


USDA data shows that vodka is a non-carbohydrate, calories and only contains 64 calories per ounce. So if you want to control weight and drink both, you may choose vodka is definite your choice. It can drink neat or mix with fruit juice, but do not add high-calorie drinks.

2,Relieve Stress
Usually alcohols can make the body relax, but vodka is most outstanding, meanwhile it won’t cause hangovers like whiskies.

3,Make Tincture


Usually vodka is used to make tinctures in herbology, it is colorless and odorless, can absorb the flavor of herbs. Vodka tincture can drink, and it also can be used as an anesthetic.

4,Other Benefits


Drink alcoholic beverages in moderate, whether wine, beer, whisky or vodka, are somehow benefit for body, it can improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of stroke and dementia and longevity.