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Be always ready to respond to the call, to fight, to win the war--- to Goalong domestic brand sales team


    In order to meet the needs of the company's development, improve the cohesion of the sales team.Goalong Group organized domestic brand sales people to carry out a two-day military training event in the China-Australia Nanying National Defense Theme Park. The main purpose of this event is to temper professional skills and improve the comprehensive quality, cultivate team spirit. Let each member of the team to improve the efficiency in the work. Each person involved in military training adheres to strict requirements and training, adheres to the spirit of not being afraid of hardship. Through this training, our sales team under the premise of initial mastery of certain military skills establish collectivism and improve the whole team cohesion.



team3 All actions follow the command, and no one can be left behind. Under the careful coach of the instructors, Goalong Group sales completed one harsh training task after another. This activity exercises the will power and perseverance of the employees, and strengthens the employees' concept of organizational discipline. Everyone deeply felt the joy and hardships of military life, realized the importance of military training and achieve the goal of training wolf sales team.

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 Through this activity, the sales elites of Goalong Group will vigorously carry forward the spirit of military training in their future work, and bring the organizational discipline and hard-working spirit cultivated in the military training to their daily work. Through everyone's unremitting efforts, the Gaolang brand sales team has been forged into a tough, disciplined team that will meet future challenges with a brand-new spirit!

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