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Activities of Fire Drill


In order to enhance the fire safety education of the enterprise staff, improve the resilience to fight against emergencies. And help Goalong staff to master the correct way to use fire extinguisher and escape quickly and effectively. On March 24, 2023, Liuyang Gaolang Liquor Distillery Co., Ltd organized the fire fighting emergency drill to learn the basic fire fighting knowledge and methods. Goalong Group organize staff to study the theoretical knowledge seriously and combined with practice. They conducted fire fighting practical exercises to improve the staffs' ability to put out the initial fire.


The atmosphere at the fire drill site was enthusiastic, and the employees participated in the activity positively. They can explain the correct way to use fire extinguishers and practical the fire-fighting.The participating employees were serious and obeyed the command in this activity. And the whole fire drill was carried out in an orderly manner according to the pre-drill program, achieving the expected effect.


After the drill, the CPO of Goalong Group,Heliang announced that the drill was a complete success! He called on everyone to enhance safety awareness, respond quickly once a fire is found,and make sure to do a good job of safety prevention. Through this fire-fighting simulation exercise, and strengthen the staff's awareness of "prevention first, safety first", improved the staff's ability of self-rescue and scientific escape,. Cultivated the staff's spirit of helping each other and fighting side by side in case of emergency.