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A new chapter of goalong, the second phase of the Goalong Distillery officially started construction



On August 17th, 2023, Goalong Group - Goalong Distillery Phase II project was officially signed with the government of Liuyang Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Park, and on October 10th, 2023, construction was officially started. This landmark milestone project for the Goalong Group will occupy nearly 40 acres of land (Phase I covers 80 acres, with a building area of 60,000 square meters, and the installation of an annual capacity of 2 million liters of single malt and 2 million liters of Grain whisky equipment, with a production capacity of over 10,000 barrels per annum), and will consist of 2 new buildings totaling over 8,000 square meters of factory space and 4 cellar doors, and is expected to increase our barrel aging capacity to 100,000 barrels!


From 2012-2015, we began to prepare for the first domestic whisky distillery, install whisky distilling equipment, batch experimental production, and after making experimental breakthroughs in 2016-2017, we chose Liuyang, Hunan Province to build Gaolang Distillery, and realized the official production in 2020, Gaolang people have spent 8 years to kick off the prelude of China's whisky independent distillation and production, and become the first whisky distillery and export enterprise in China.



Currently the Goalong Distillery is located in the middle of the Liuyang River Gorge Basin, surrounded by mountains, and 2.5 kilometers south of the distillery from Dawei Mountain, rich in natural resources and very characteristic of the Hunan terroir. Since the Tang Dynasty, people in the Liuyang area have utilized the abundant water resources and high quality ingredients in the area to create a history of distilling, which has been passed down from generation to generation, with the continuous evolution of the distilling process and the formation of a unique distilling culture. Liuyang's liquor culture carries this rich heritage and represents the essence of traditional Chinese brewing techniques, and Goalong Whisky will bring this rich heritage and culture to whisky lovers all over the world, bringing their high-quality whisky products with Chinese characteristics and taste.


As a Chinese whisky distillery, we are proud to start a new chapter in Liuyang, a place with excellent climatic conditions and rich natural resources. Liuyang's terroir has deeply influenced and enriched our whisky products. The clear and sweet water of the Liuyang River headwaters and the diversity of microorganisms in the same season of rain and heat give our spirits a unique taste and style.



The second phase of the construction of the Goalong Distillery is not only an increase in cellar stock, but also takes into account the impact of sustainable production and environmental protection, aiming to achieve efficient production while minimizing the impact on the environment. On top of this, we have added facilities such as the Visitor Center and the Goalong Whisky Museum, so that those who visit our distillery can have a more comfortable experience while learning about the distilling process and operations. We firmly believe that these unique advantages, combined with local distilling expertise, will make the whisky we offer even more appealing to consumers around the world.



We firmly believe that in the future, through our continuous efforts and innovations, we will provide whisky lovers around the world with a wider variety of products of high quality. This opens a brand new chapter for our future development, and marks a solid step on the road of promoting China's whisky industry to a higher peak.