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the exchange activity jointly between Goalong Liquor Group and Hunan nightclub liquor merchants’ alliance

On January 23rd, 2021, the exchange activity jointly held by Goalong Liquor Group and Hunan nightclub liquor merchants’ alliance, which was successfully concluded in Liuyang Goalong Liquor Distillery Co., Ltd.

That night, Hunan nightclub liquor merchants’ alliance had a good chat with several leaders of Goalong Liquor Group, including President Alan and deputy general manager, Leo Peng. The atmosphere was warm, and old friends were enthusiastic and full of interest.



With the theme of "old friends, new gatherings", this exchange activity aims at making friends with wine, providing an exchange platform for nightclub liquor merchants to experience Chinese whisky, taste fine spirits and discuss industry development together, as well as an interactive platform to understand the brand, products, operation system and future development of Goalong Liquor Group.


Goalong Group served alliance members with Goalong 5-year pure malt whisky. It is a combination of high-quality, attractiveness and special taste products. It is fashionable, novel, exquisite and luxurious. The core is "Chinese whisky", which has won the favor of many peers and won unanimous praise.


In addition, Goalong Liquor Group - "one stop liquor service expert" has also attracted a lot of attention. Goalong Liquor Group provides one-stop service for night drinks, and "one-stop service for night drinks, customization, service, sales and training" has won unanimous praise.

This activity ended successfully in a lot of laughter and achieved good expected results. In the future, Goalong Liquor Group will continue to work hand in hand with the night club liquor merchants alliance to better serve the liquor consumers and help the liquor industry develop steadily and sustainably.




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