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Hunan Goalong liquor Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer in China invested by UK Goalong group mainly producing and exporting whisky, France brandy, vodka. The winery is located in Hunan Miluo Granite Mountain which is very suitable for bottling liquor due to the high water quality there.

Good quality water in the manufacturer with Lower electrolytic rate index, water source is the indispensable condition for brewing high-quality liquor, it can make the wine more pure and clean. Because the water does not contain other dissolved salts, this liquor will be more soft and mellow; it won't damage the body when enjoying the liquor.

Goalong is our own brand, OEM & amp;ODM are available. At present, the company has formed a domestic market and exportation as its core business mode. We have passed FDA & ISO & QS certificates and exported our products to many foreign countries and gained good reputation, such as USA, Nigeria, In Iraq, panama, Mexico, Surinam, Australia and so on.

All of our products are using our UK group bar code, and high quality raw materials. Quality is the soul and customer is God, we mainly based on long-term business and friendly as win-win relationship with clients. We have rich experience of exhibition and took part in many exhibitions.

We have three brands, “Goalong" whisky, "Boucheron" brandy, and "Ambiguous" vodka.

Goalong brand was founded by Mr. Gao Lang in London, the meaning is "go forward". Brand Logo contains the word "Goalong" sunflower. Goalong for dreams!

Goalong brand whisky has many series, Power Label is a representative and the most popular one. Goalong is a resounding liquor brand, great mission was given when the brand was created. With belief of Goalong. Many years have passed, Goalong's slogan has not changed. Constantly to win praise and recognition spirits market in the world, which will lead us to pay and insist on more meaningful.

Goalong whisky Series:

Power Label, Royal Pinkce, Black Kasa, Count Whisky, the Old Whisky ,etc.

All the whisky are blended by high-quality bulk whisky, tastes well-rounded and mellow with rich aromas, besides, it will not damage your body if you are getting drunk.

Power Label whisky is representative Goalong whisky, it is a balanced mix of type of whisky. Crystal clear golden yellow soft and long malt fragrance, smooth entrance, light liquor and extraordinarily fresh, compared to other full-bodied liquor.

Power Label whisky was first released in 2007, as one oldest Goalong whisky, it was well accepted by the customers, meanwhile it is the main series of our export business.

Boucheron Brandy-Straight drink to enjoy!!

 Boucheron is a high end brand, aims to provide high-quality brandy for exclusive customers. It is a perfect brandy to neat drink!

To brew high quality brandy need unique ideal environment.

Latitude, sloping, sand soil rich in phosphorus, one sunshine right rainfall and temperature.

You cannot imagine, five grapes can only brew one drop mellow brandy. But the perfection pursuing of Goalong Liquor will not ever stop.

Not only the high quality of raw materials, but also the water are strictly selected, formed million years ago, the Granite Mountain water from 200 meters underground is purify and full of minerals, give the liquor with more unique tastes.

Boucheron - the symbol of the focus and perfection

Boucheron trademark applied and registered by Goalong Liquor group, aimed to provide high-quality wine for the exclusive noble customers.

The main products are brandy and sparkling wine series, our raw materials are imported.

Excellent quality inside and outside as one, exquisite and rich quality, fine workmanship, all of this, are only waiting for the moment shining on tongue.

Ambiguous Brand- "Ambiguity is not drunk, fall in love with my taste "!

Ambiguous brand was founded in 2011, the logo is a sexy red lips to cater to the young people in city.

Ambiguous Series:

Ambiguous vodka

Ambiguous bottled cocktail 

And new ambiguous liqueur

Ambiguous Vodka: Young fashion vodka alcoholic beverages, purity without impurities, three distillation and four birch charcoal filtrating, give it unique fresh elegant aromas and soft lingering taste.

Ambiguous cocktail: 

Ambiguous cocktail was built on Ambiguous vodka base, it has four different flavors: Screw Driver (Orange); Bloody Mary (Tomato); Soda Water Green (Apple); Blue Martini (Blueberry). For the fresh fruit flavor and low alcohols, it is very popular among the young person in city.

Ambiguous liqueur: also with the Ambiguous vodka deployment, main product is sweet wine after eating. New product and packaging will be marketed in 2015, please look forward to.

Ambiguous liqueur was built on Ambiguous vodka base, it is a good desert wine for your family time! Now the 2015 Ambiguous Liqueur is coming with all new design!

Ambiguous Vodka-Amour or Ambiguous! It’s time to fall in love!


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