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Special Small Batch Whisky

Age: 5 years
Bottle volume: 700ML
Place of Origin: UK invested factory in China
Packing: Bottle, gift box, 12 bottles/box
Bottle: Machine made ultra-white bottle
Certificates: QS; ISO; FDA
Service: Free sample; OEM; ODM

Years of our pioneering work finally witness the growth of Chinese spirits, especially Chinese whiskey. Choicest barley, malt and other grains are distilled, aged and blended to make a balanced taste and enjoyment..
Whiskey is a longstanding whiskey of Goalong Liquor. It is a typical blended whiskey, with fresh oak aroma and slight chocolate notes. Proven to be a market hot sale, customers find it very compatible with other mixtures. Customers like its soft finish, the classic bottle shape and the pure amber color.
People say it has pleasant mature fruit aromas and smooth smoky oak wood notes. While, you will also be attracted by its mellow and complex tastes. Customers feel that it’s like Jack Dennie.
Malting, mashing, fermenting, distilling, maturing and blending
We cherish nature’s givings, and value our efforts. In a changing world, it is worthwhile to follow your heart and bravely go for your dreams.


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