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Golden Foil Whisky

Age: 15 years Bottle volume: 700ML Place of Origin: UK invested factory in China Packing: Bottle, gift box, 12 bottles/box Bottle: Handmade refined white bottle Certificates: QS; ISO; FDA Service: Free sample; OEM; ODM

     Pure gold of 99.99% is vaporized in physical way, to be uniformly

     dispersed intossmall molecules and then small  molecules would

     be stack arranged,  in the way of precise controlli of molecular,

     the way of epitaxial stacks to form food additives.

     Gold leaf is superorganicly good for health, it's said humans are

     endowed with unlimited power and strength by gold.


    A graceful bottle is shaking in hand, with gold foil

    chips dancing trippingly up and down in wine, gold

    glittering, gorgeously bright, and the bottle seems

    exceptionally honorable

      When gold meets golden water of life,

      luxury is born and glory is on the

      tongue. Goalong Gold leaves whiskey, is

      the most luxurious whiskey in Goalong

      whiskey series

     Goalong Liquor is a professional manu

     facturerin China invested by UK Goalong,

     down side the Miluo river in Hunan, which

     has purity water and fine environment,

     ensured the high quality and safety of the


     To expand our business, we attended

     massive trading fairs to cooperate with more

     distributors, meanwhile , a lot of technology

     agreement was signed  with international

     liquor company to strength our brand power

     as well as to improve the grades。

     With a will to create a prosperous brand in

     the near future , we continually  cooperate

     with some local artists. We would try all the

     trials and efforts to strength ourselves to

     warr antee our customers’benefits!



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