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Ambiguous Vodka

Bottle volume: 700ML Place of Origin: UK invested factory in China Packing: Bottle, gift box, 12 bottles/box Bottle: Machine made ultra-white bottle Certificates: QS; ISO; FDA Service: Free sample; OEM; ODM
We present our homage to classic works with this barley-corn vodka. Through
 4-time distillation and 6-time filtration, it is more than good.
 With its patented precision flow rate pourer, 316 stainless steel spring, food-grade
 PE plastic and shining logo design,
   new Ambiguous is an innovation by Goalong Liquor.
Independent and unique vodka becomes more and more popular. Barley and corn are 4-time distilled and
 4-time filtered by cocoanut charcoal and finally 2-time
   filtered by cool environment and paper board to make a balanced taste and fresh finish.

Color: Dark amber
Smell: Mellow fruity fragrance combined with subtle chocolate notes
Taste: Full-bodied taste on palate, slightly strong upfront
Finish: The complexity diminishes over time

We like French brandies, not just because of the sunshine, water and grapes there.
Generations of heritage always give us something different from others.



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